Good Properties Gone Bad – Redevelopment of Environ- mentally Challenging Sites
9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.
Gardenia AB

This interactive discussion will consider the challenges of redeveloping brown eld sites – and the variety of remedies. How do you create a vibrant catalyst site for your commu- nity? How clean is clean? We will leave with an understand- ing of redevelopment options for sites with environmental issues and potential funding resources for the cleanup and revitalization of an existing site.

Moderator: Jeffrey Burton, MPA, FRA-RA, Director, Palmet- to Community Redevelopment Agency
Speakers: Miles Ballogg, Brown elds Practice Leader, Cardno; Carrie L. Kruchell, PG, Environmental Manager, Florida Department of Environmental Protection; Frank L. Hearne, Esquire, Mechanik Nuccio Hearne & Wester, P.A.;Patricia Goense, Brown elds Coordinator, South District, Florida Department of Environmental Protection; and Mark Mulligan, P.G., Environmental Manager, Terracon



Patricia Goense is the Brownfield Coordinator for the DEP South District; joining the Department in 2017 as an Environmental Specialist in the Waste Cleanup Program after relocating to Florida from New Jersey. Prior to working for DEP, Patricia gained experience in the private sector under a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) in New Jersey, working as a project manager for environmental assessments and site investigations. Patricia graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a B.S. in Environmental Science.


Carrie Kruchell, P.G., is the Brownfields Redevelopment Program Manager for the State of Florida DEP, working closely with the Brownfields Coordinators and their teams at the 6 DEP Districts and 3 Delegated County Programs, and also acts as liaison between Florida and USEPA Region 4 Brownfields Staff and the Florida Brownfields Association (FBA) staff.  Prior to joining DEP in 2015, Carrie worked as an environmental consultant in the U.S. and abroad for approximately 18 years.  As Environmental Manager over the Brownfields and CERCLA Administration section in Tallahassee, Carrie and her team manage and administer 2 USEPA grants on behalf of USEPA Region 4.