Mr. Thomas is the Director of Housing & Redevelopment for the City of Leesburg. He has served local governments for over 30 years; most of his work experience has involved redevelopment of neighborhoods. He is currently the Director of Housing & Redevelopment for the City of Leesburg; Ken has been employed with the City of Leesburg for 17 years. Prior to Leesburg, Ken worked at the City of Delray Beach and Orange County Government; he holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Central Florida and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Historic Bethune Cookman University.

Ken has dedicated his professional life to redeveloping neighborhoods; providing affordable housing, small business development and job creation. Ken created the first Business Incubator in Lake County (known as the Leesburg Business Incubator). He has been responsible for local governments receiving millions of dollars in grant funds for housing and redevelopment efforts. Ken was responsible for renovating an apartment complex utilizing grant funding, which resulted in the first housing incubation program focused on providing temporary housing to individuals who desired to become first time homebuyers. Most recently, Mr. Thomas has been responsible for the first Resource Center in Lake County. Ken is a Board Member of the Florida Redevelopment Association, Central Florida Health Foundation Board Chairman, and the Leesburg High School Power Academy Advisory Board and Lake County Housing Advisory Board. Ken has been married to his wife (Maria) for 29 years and they have four children.


Engaging the Underserved Community

Filling Vacant Storefronts