Keynote Speaker: Mike Sittig, Executive Director Emeritus, Florida League of Cities

For the past 20 years I have served as the Executive Director of the Florida League of Cities, a statewide association with a 90+ year history of promoting Home Rule (local self-government). While the Leagues central focus has always been on advocacy, it has expanded to provide extensive education, training, resources and insurance/financial services to Florida’s 411 municipalities and local government partners.

As Executive Director, I oversee 200 awesome human beings (33% have been here over 10 years) in Tallahassee and Orlando and manage a $35 million budget. I report to a Board of Directors consisting of approx. 50 city officials who represent 14 districts, the ten most populous cities and past presidents. We are dedicated to the same mission that was established in 1922, and I believe that’s what makes our League great. I am also the Administrator for our sponsored insurance and financial entities including nearly $2 billion of investments and $165 million in insurance premiums.

I have a lifelong appreciation for those that offer themselves for public service. My career with the League began nearly 40 years ago, pausing briefly to serve in a management role with the City of West Palm Beach for two years. Florida has more than 2,000 elected city officials, many of whom are my mentors, friends and board members. I also work closely with executives from other statewide associations, educational institutions and the business community alike. These partnerships are important, as the League will continue to be a leader in collaborative statewide initiatives that support local self-government.

It is with great appreciation for municipal government that I serve as a leader for this organization. I am passionate about Home Rule, and energized by the hardworking public servants governing Florida’s municipalities.