Toni Shamplain is the Downtown North CRA Manager with the City of Panama City CRA.  She is also the President Elect of the Florida Redevelopment Association and holds the designation of Florida Redevelopment Administrator through the FRA Academy.   

Prior to her current position Ms. Shamplain was the Main Street Manager with the Downtown Improvement Board where she not only served as Main Street Manager but also was responsible for 3 of the 4 CRAs administered by the DIB.  Additionally, she was the first Director for the Panama City CRA as a stand-alone agency that later merged with the City of Panama City. Ms. Shamplain holds a bachelor’s degree from Bethune Cookman University and has earned various Certifications in Management, Outcome Evaluations, Human Resources, as well as a Certificate of Appreciation from the Executive Office of the United States President, Washington D.C.  

Toni’s areas of expertise include not only community revitalization and redevelopment, but design and implementation of substance abuse treatment programs, designing group homes for children as well as the elderly; primary health care; criminal justice and corrections; information officer for a computer software design corporation, and working in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  Ms. Shamplain also has expertise in System Analysis, Budgets, Public Policy, Faith Based Organizations and Not for Profits, etc.

Ms. Shamplain has worked effectively within various levels of government to include city, state and federal government.  She is also a former Instructor with the Georgia Schools of Substance Abuse Studies, a Visiting Professor for Historical Black Colleges, adjunct professor Daytona Beach State College, Guest Lecturer at Georgetown University, and a National Motivational Speaker.  Ms. Shamplain has been featured on National TV (CBS) for her advocacy and program success in Miami Florida while also being a contributing author with the Child Welfare League of America. Shamplain recently graduated from Rowlett Real Estate School and is preparing to take the state examination.


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