Mr. Stauts is the Executive Director of the Florida City Community Redevelopment Agency.  A native Texan, he graduated from Stephen F. Austin University with a BBA. Rick moved to Morgan City, Louisiana, working for the Credit Bureau for nine years, then the First National Bank.  In 1987, Rick moved to Florida with First American Bank in Tallahassee. In 1989, Rick became an Economic Development Specialist and later, Planning Manager with the State of Florida Community Development Block Grant Program.

Since 2003, Rick has been the CRA Executive Director in two cities, Homestead until 2007, and Florida City from 2007 to present.  Rick served two five-year terms on the Florida Redevelopment Association Board of Directors, serves on the FRA Nominating Committee, and is the Past Chairman of the FRA Academy Committee.  Rick has presented at conferences and workshops for such groups as the Florida League of Cities, Florida Redevelopment Association, Florida Economic Development Council, Florida Community Development Association, Florida Housing Coalition, Florida Main Street, FEMA, and US HUD.


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